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In the agricultural industry, preventing the outbreak of diseases and infections is crucial. This requires two key components: a systematic and rigorous cleaning program, and the careful selection of the right agricultural disinfectant for each task. Precision in this selection process is paramount.

"While many disinfectants claim to be multipurpose, not all of them meet the diverse decontamination requirements of the agricultural sector."

Unfortunately, some commercially available disinfectants offer only average performance at exorbitant prices, falling short of the efficacy standards demanded in agricultural settings.

That's where SANI-99™ for AGRI shines. Our multi-purpose disinfectant is specifically designed for the agricultural industry. It is non-toxic, highly versatile, and cost-effective, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including livestock disinfection. By integrating SANI-99™ for AGRI into your bio-security preventative processes, you can achieve comprehensive suppression of pathogenic spread.

One of the standout features of SANI-99™ for AGRI is its ability to leave no harmful residues behind. This ensures the safety of both livestock and humans during contact. With SANI-99™ for AGRI, you have an all-in-one solution that saves you time and money while simplifying your bio-security processes.


"SANI-99™ FOR AGRI has a LOG 7 efficacy (99.99995%)
and is a virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal disinfectant effective in eradicating hundreds of known pathogens"

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As we acknowledge the pressing climate crisis and our shared responsibility to combat carbon emissions and plastic waste that detrimentally impacts our environment, SANI-99™ for AGRI has been thoughtfully engineered to prioritise minimising and, whenever feasible, eliminating plastic container contamination.

By conscientiously designing the product with this objective in mind, SANI-99™ for AGRI actively contributes to our collective efforts to reduce plastic waste. Through innovative solutions and sustainable practices, we strive to protect our planet and preserve its natural resources for future generations. 


By choosing SANI-99™ for AGRI, the environmental benefits are evident. Consider this: transporting 5 million litres of concentrated disinfectant requires only 1 truck (calculations based on using a 30 tonne truck) , whereas utilising pre-mixed disinfectants would demand a staggering 167 trucks for the same volume.

This drastic reduction in the number of trucks directly translates to a substantial decrease in carbon emissions during transportation.

Additionally, compared to traditional disinfectant products, SANI-99™ for AGRI offers an impressive concentrated formula that significantly reduces packaging waste.
With its higher potency and effectiveness, fewer resources are consumed in the production and transportation of larger volumes of pre-mixed disinfectants, further contributing to carbon emission reduction. By choosing SANI-99™ for AGRI, you actively contribute to minimising carbon emissions and promoting a more sustainable future. 

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Prevents the spread and suppresses outbreaks of Newcastle disease (ND), E. coli and Avian Influenza virus (AIV).

Fresh chicken egg is half broken among other eggs are placed in an egg panel on a wooden w


Prevents the spread and suppresses outbreaks of Salmonellosis, E. coli,
Newcastle disease (ND) and
Avian Influenza virus (AIV).

A farmer carefully raises his pigs in a biological way, eating only natural things and let


Prevents the spread and suppresses outbreaks of L. monocytogenes, Greasy Pig Disease caused by Staph, Swine Dysentery caused by E.coli and Salmonella, Swine Flu and other influenza viruses. 

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Prevents the spread and suppresses outbreaks of E. coli, L. monocytogenes,
Foot and Mouth disease and Poxviridae.

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Prevents the spread and suppresses outbreaks of E. coli, L. monocytogenes and Salmonella.


In terms of infection control, ‘Log Reductions’ convey how effective a product is in reducing pathogens. The greater the log reduction the more effective the product is at killing bacteria and other pathogens that can cause infections. SANI-99™ for AGRI has a log reduction of 7-log which guarantees a pathogenic reduction of 99.99995%.

SANI-99™ for AGRI is a powerful agricultural disinfectant that is effective in preventing the spread and will suppress outbreaks of Newcastle disease (ND), Salmonellosis, E. coli, L. monocytogenes, Greasy Pig Disease caused by Staph, Swine Dysentery caused by E. coli, Salmonella, Swine Flu, Foot and Mouth disease, Poxviridae, Avian Influenza virus (AIV) and many more. SANI-99™ for AGRI has passed a variety of International chemical efficacy *laboratory tests. 

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In recognition of the climate crisis and our responsibility to do all we can to reduce the amount of plastic waste harming our environment, SANI-99™ for AGRI has been purposefully designed to reduce, and wherever possible, stop plastic container contamination.

With our “plastic-free” principle in mind, SANI-99™ for AGRI has been purposefully packaged in powder form via sachet as opposed to most pre-mixed agricultural disinfectants on the market. When comparing pre-mixed agricultural disinfectants to SANI-99™ for AGRI, the size and weight of the sachet means that less trucks are required for transportation.



Multi-purpose with an unbeatable Log 7 rating (that’s a massive 99.99995%) and has a class leading efficacy of over 3 months.


SANI-99™ for AGRI is non-toxic, alcohol and chlorine-free therefore no formal PPE is required during application.


SANI-99™ for AGRI is a virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal disinfectant that’s effective in eradicating hundreds of known pathogens.


It has a high residual value with a proven oxidation reduction potential of 1000mV up to 90 days (a ORP over 650mV is considered exceptional). 


Superior storage and logistics. 31 sachets of 96g makes a half a ton (500 litres) of powerful disinfectant.

SANI-99™ for AGRI has passed the following standards under stringent laboratory testing:

•    EN1276
•    BS EN 1040: 2005
•    BS EN 13727: 2020 + A2: 2015
•    EN 13697: 2019
   SANS 51276
•    SANS 53697
BS EN 14476: 2013 +A2:2019
•    DEFRA Approved 
 SLM/B380/M-Legionella SSP (UK)     
•    MG/PT:MG01/ PT3 & PT4


SANI-99™ for AGRI has an ongoing effect as it doesn’t evaporate, meaning that it remains on surfaces for longer, providing a longer period of protection.  SANI-99™ for AGRI is effective in eradicating a broad spectrum of bacteria within 10 seconds, such as: Escherichia coli / Staphylococcus aureus / Enterococcus hirae / Pseudomonas aeruginosa / Escherichia coli / Salmonella typhimurium and Listeria monocytogenes.

This powerful agricultural disinfectant is effective on all hard non-porous surfaces, which includes poultry, egg, pig, cattle and sheep farming as well as cold storage and general veterinary use. SANI-99™ for AGRI has been proven to be effective against Poultry Diseases / Avian Influenza / Influenza of avian origin in mammals / Newcastle Disease and Paramyxovirus.

For more information on how SANI-99™ FOR AGRI can transform your agricultural disinfectant requirements please contact us today.


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