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BNR Global Supply Group have partnered solutions to provide businesses with access to an exclusive customs processing system. This enables businesses to fully automate their customs declaration submissions by linking thier ERP system directly to HMRC/ CDS and shipping companies. 

As part of this package your business will be given access to a simplified , time-saving dashboard that keeps records of all your submissions as well as reporting on customs declarations, customs duty and import VAT.



Our Integrated API (Application Programming Interface) solution helps retailers and shipping companies increase efficiency and reduce overall operating costs  by providing businesses with specialist support in automating product journeys from the retailer to the customer.

This includes integration with shipping companies if your business is an online retailer/ e-commerce store.  Shipping API can also automate shipping label generation and assists with order tracking.

Our shipment solution automates shipment tasks, accepting shipment requests from retailers, generating/printing shipping labels, tracking product journey from picking retailers ware house to end customers door. It allows retailers to cancel or return their order/ shipment, and to generate reverse labelling. It also allows for end customers to track their orders easily.

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Shipping label software as solutions empower e-commerce, retailer and logistics customers by saving time and money on deliveries. It helps online retailers and shipping companies by increasing collaboration and automating communication between them.

The SaaS Smart Shipment solution reduces time spent on development, testing and implementation. It allows the reduction of costs with servers and the pay-as-you-go model offers flexibility to be able to scale up use based on specific needs.



For more information on how we can tailor a package to suit your business please get in contact with us today.

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