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Kills 99.99995% of bacteria, Alcohol/ Chlorine Free

SANI-99™ is a powdered alcohol-free surface disinfection and hand sanitizer that mixes easily with tap water. Compliant with EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019, it is pleasant on the hands and has a low environmental impact. Perfect for avoiding COVID-19 transmission at restaurants, bars, retail establishments, theatres, and sporting arenas, as well as public transportation and educational institutions.

Available in: (1 SACHET = 1 LITRE)

  • 1 × SANI-99 Starter Kit with 1 sachet

  • 5 × 6g SANI-99 sachets in a box

  • 10 × 6g SANI-99 sachets in a box

  • 25 × 6g SANI-99 sachets in a box

  • 50 × 6g SANI-99 sachets in a box



SANI-99™ is an alcohol-free disinfectant and sanitiser that comes in powder form and may be readily mixed with tap water by the end user. Not only is it 99.99995% effective and gentle on hands, but it also decreases your environmental impact by requiring fewer plastic bottles and reducing transportation. Because ofSANI-99™ residual value, it becomes more powerful the longer you hold it. Alcohol cannot make this claim because it evaporates in seconds.

SANI-99™ is non-flammable, soft on hands, and suited for all skin types because it is alcohol-free. It's also food-safe, non-poisonous if swallowed, and safe to use on both surfaces and hands.


Its effectiveness is unaffected by detergent residues, and it can be used on any surface right away. It works well on food preparation rooms, cattle stations, floors, and carcasses to prevent the spread of bacteria. It can also be used to prevent viral and bacterial infections on surfaces.

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  • No alcohol or chlorine in SANI-99™

  • EN 13697 & EN 1276 compliant

  • Kills 99.99995% of bacteria

  • 1000 times more potent than bleach and infinitely safer

  • Non caustic and incredibly safe for the skin

  • PPE not needed when using SANI-99™ in spraying or fogging machines

  • Does not cause dermatitis or skin irritation with frequent use

  • Odorless leaving no unpleasant smell

  • Becomes more powerful the longer you leave it on skin or surface

  • SANI-99™ Halal certified



Plastic bottle pollution is currently being caused by alcohol-based sanitisers. Because this disinfectant comes in powder form and is made by mixing it with water, you will only need one bottle for life. When the disinfection runs out, there's no need to buy a new container or bottle; simply refill it.

Because the SANI-99™ sachet is smaller and lighter than alcohol-based sanitisers, it requires fewer vehicles for shipment. Sixty-six 30-ton trucks would be required to transport 2 million litres of alcohol-based sanitizer. Only ONE 30-ton truck would be required to transport two million SANI-99™ sachets, which produce two million litres of disinfection. Not only do we believe in eliminating infections, but we also believe in minimising our carbon impact and reducing plastic litter.

Since the COVID-19 epidemic, plastic bottle contamination has increased fivefold. In the previous eight months, hundreds of millions of 'new' plastic bottles have been dumped on our planet. Recognizing the climate issue and our responsibility to do everything possible to decrease the quantity of plastic waste affecting our environment, we purposefully created our hand and surface disinfectant to reduce, and wherever feasible, to eliminate, plastic bottle contamination.

Our company cares for people and the environment through our "ONE BOTTLE FOR LIFE" policy. We are quite proud of this accomplishment.

You will always have a powerful and effective disinfectant with you as long as you have a SANI-99™ sachet and water to fill your empty bottle. You should never run out of disinfection again with SANI-99™.

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Kills 99.99995% of bacteria, Alcohol/ Chlorine Free

SANI-99™ disinfectant wipes are a great option to disinfect and clean all types of surfaces. These alcohol/ chlorine free wipes have been formulated to be highly effective against enveloped viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi.


SANI-99™ kills 99.99995% of viruses and bacteria, ideal for general surface cleaning and disinfecting common touchpoints. Cleaning and sanitising wipes provide all in one cleaning and disinfection, eliminating the need for multiple products and safe to use on food contact surfaces - ideal for kitchen and catering environments.

Available as: Pack/ Tub of 50, 100, 200, 1000 OR 1500 wipes.

  • No alcohol or chlorine in SANI-99™

  • EN 13697 & EN 1276 compliant

  • Kills 99.99995% of bacteria

  • Non caustic and incredibly safe for the skin

  • Odourless leaving no unpleasant smell

  • Becomes more powerful the longer you leave it on skin or surface

  • SANI-99™ Halal certified




Medical Grade Protection with up to 95% BFE

*Bacterial & Viral Filtration Efficiency

Panodyne Hand Sanitiser kills more than 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses. With different alcohol concentration and sizes available (70% & 75% alcohol concentration) , Panodyne's sanitising gel is perfect for both domestic and industrial use.

Available in:

  • 60ml bottle

  • 250ml bottle

  • 500ml bottle

  • 1 litre bottle

  • 2.5 litre bottle

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  • Contains up to 75% alcohol

  • Certified for medical use

  • Kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses

  • No rinse formula, waterless hand cleanser

  • Fast drying within 15 seconds

  • Enriched with soothing Aloe Vera to keep skin nourished

  • Clean and fresh scent

  • Proven to EN1276 and EN1500 standards

  • Designed and formulated in Britain


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Antibacterial Hygienic Wipes using 75% IPA.

Panodyne 75% alcohol antibacterial wipes are a great option to disinfect and clean all types of surfaces.

Panodyne all purpose, easy to use antibacterial wipes can be used in various scenarios. From office furniture to electronics and home appliances, Panodyne antibacterial wipes are the fastest and easiest way to a germ-free environment.

Available as: Pack of 100 wipes (Box of 12 packs).

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  • Use on hands, skin and surfaces

  • Clean fresh smell

  • Made of thick non-woven fabric with high durability

  • Perfect for daily use


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