Apron (20mu)

(Box of 1000 - 10 packs of 100)


Manufactured from the finest quality materials, Panodynes protection aprons are 100% waterproof and fully resistant to chemical corrosion. Ideal for medical, food preparation, and personal use, these aprons provide complete protection from neck to the knee against dirt, bacteria, moisture, and oil. They have a barrier protection of LDPE 20 Micron PE Aprons and are manufactured to EN 1041:2008, BS EN 13795-1:2019 standards.

The primary function of protective clothing is to reduce the spread of droplets and other bodily fluids to an individual’s skin and clothing, reducing the risk of contamination through the transmission. The main transmission routes for the Covid-19 virus is thought to be via droplet spread, although there is still debate between medical professionals whether the virus can be airborne. 

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