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"Our ImpEx GENIUS software provides international and freight services with an auto-reporting solution that links directly with HMRC for all your customs declaration requirements".

Our ImpEx Genius software revolutionises the time consuming and expensive processes most businesses within their field still use and suffer from today. Some of the key benefits of our software include;


  • Automated solution for customs declaration to reduce operational costs substantially.

  • Can be integrated with ERPs/WMS systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, or any other system.

  • Data validation and error handling while data ingestion, ensure that all the required data is present in the right format and identify missing values.

  • Commodity codes mapping for products. Have functionality to submit bulk declarations and can be schedule to submit according to operational requirements.

  • Integration with shipping service(s) to automatically send cleared customs documentation.

  • Technical and functional updates are inclusive within packages.


In today’s climate most of the successful businesses are actively developing their digital strategy to participate in the API and Internet economies, we stand to assist as a leader in the field of Shipping and Customs automation.


Our engineers and Technical Teams would seek to understand current business processes and systems, and post-review from an initial fact find discussion. We can then arrange for our engineers to integrate our fully audited and trademarked API integration solutions with your current SAP and other systems.


All quotes are tailored to requirements as per complexity surrounding implementation. Please contact our Sales Team on 0208 4415 157 for more information on how we can build a tailored package to support your business today.