OZONE for Hospitality Use

Ozone is an effective method of sanitisation in the hospitality sector, ensuring every room is appropriately sanitised and deodorised at the end of each treatment.


Using Ozone ensures the elimination of bacteria and restores the room to an uncontaminated environment, free of unpleasant odours. It penetrates deep into all fabrics (carpets, curtains, mattresses, pillows, towels), enters the air conditioning systems and channels of aeration and in all discharges destroying every microorganism without the use of chemicals. In fact, Ozone particles are naturally decomposed and replaced by pure oxygen.

Sanitisation using Ozone is efficient because treatment can be completed in a short time. Once treatment is complete housekeeping can inform the resident that the room has been sanitised with Ozone and is now ready for use, giving your customers peace of mind in these uncertain times. 

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