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 The Virion Test™ 

The Virion Test™ can reliably detect any strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus infection, providing results in as little as 50 seconds. It is, without a doubt, the most advanced Covid-19 diagnostic device available to date.  According to several clinical evaluations, the Virion Test™ has unparalleled accuracy (up to 95%) compared to any other diagnosing tool available today and proven to be twice as accurate as a standard PCR lab test. 

"The Virion Test™ is the fastest and most efficient testing device that exists in the market today. It's mobile, easy to carry, and can operate anywhere, the possibilities of use are endless."


The Virion Test™ only requires a simple saliva sample, thus capable of easy sampling from people of any age. Operating the Virion Test does not require any special technical or medical knowledge. The device is fully automated and only requires minimal training, there is no need for any other analytical intervention or expensive lab equipment for diagnosis.

How does the device work?


The device detection technology is based on spectroscopy. Enabling detecting trace amounts of volatile chemicals. The Virion Test™ is specially designed and calibrated to detect as low as 200 Pico grams of proteins in saliva.

During testing, the device requires using the supplied proprietary swab adaptor and sterile swab. After taking a swab sample place one drop of the reagent on the cotton tip, and insert it into the adaptor. Once the device is ready, the adaptor initiates the test mode, and the analysis begins. The test results are delivered automatically in around 30 seconds after an algorithm completes the test. All data is saved automatically stored onto the device.


What is the scope for use?


The device has been designed as a portable laboratory and can be used in any setting or location. Given it's innovative nature users can benefit from it's cutting edge design in any number of scenarios. Here are some of the settings where the The Virion Test™ has proven to be highly effective;

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The Virion Test™ only requires a simple saliva sample.

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The Virion Test™ Machine 


The travel industry, in particular airports can efficiently and reliably screen passengers during the check-in process to ensure only negative passengers board the aircraft. 

This would also be ideal to use for airport staff and airline crew. 

Stadium Fans


Stadiums and other large sporting venues for event gatherings can screen fans and staff at the gate prior to entry.

This would also prove a useful tool for monitoring the Covid-19 status of team members.


Live music venues could benefit from the device by screening audiences prior to entry, ensuring only negative fans enter the venue.

This would also be ideal to use for entertainers and venue staff.


Schools can screen pupils daily to help reduce the risk of spread and infection before they enter the classroom.

This would also prove a useful tool for monitoring the Covid-19 status of staff members.